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The Internationally selling novel!

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Her journey began with hope,

but will end in a fight for survival.

When Ariadae Vox's father tries to murder her after returning from the darkened forest she has been banished from all her life, the sixteen year-old takes it upon herself to delve into the seemingly wicked expanse of trees.

On her hunt for knowledge that can help save her kingdom from the cursed king, she discovers magic, monsters, and secrets that tie her to a world she has never known. Ariadae learns the truth of her mother's untimely fate, the lies hidden in the shadowed libraries of a ruthless Fae Queen, and the intentions behind each of her companion's reasons for joining her on this quest for answers that becomes a fight for survival.

Perfect for fans of the critically-acclaimed A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, and The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black.

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About Me

    In elementary school I had hated reading and writing. I was a firm believer that all of my English teachers were purposefully failing me. I went into middle school with the same mindset. My English teacher at the time had urged me to actually read a book, and after being handed Divergent, I had a spiritual awakening and loved reading and writing. I never realized how much of my childhood was made up of story telling until after seventh grade. Growing up I drew pictures of fantasy worlds and characters, played with dolls that had super powers, and ran around the yard make believing I was an immortal witch with my cousin. I went into freshman year of high school, away from the kids I had grown up with, and had fallen into a darkness. When I started writing The Rise Of Titanium it was my light, my escape until I was able to return to my hometown high school and it's here where I am a senior and furiously write stories to entertain the world!

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Read Iridescent Fury for free on Wattpad

   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zachary James has decided to offer up his story to those who can't get books right now! If you need an escape, can't acquire your book mail, or head to the store, or possibly just want to start a new adventure, dive into this action-packed debut!

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The Iron of Night

Coming 2019

In the world of the A Kingdom of Diamond Antlers trilogy, there are hundreds of stories to tell. This first installment in a series of novellas will be releasing second quarter of 2019. It takes place before the birth of Ariadae, during the Titanium Antler Rebellion. Be prepared for this exciting new look at the world we all know and love. 

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"Writing is an escape that only the strong will achieve."

Zachary James

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